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Travel Like a Local to Austria

Experience the home state of Austria with a native to immerse into the culture like a local and not a tourist.

Personally curated tours for 6 - 8 people

Fly with me from the US or meet me there 

5-senses Travel Itinerary 

See: Old castles | Modern Austrian architecture

Hear: Classical music | Outside concerts 

Smell: Traditional bakery (from 1569) | Various farmers markets 

Touch: Thermal Hot springs | Luxurious Massages 

Taste: Hand-scooped futuristic chocolates right from the factory 

Eggenberg mit Pfau
Raeder am Fluss
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Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 10.48.21 AM.png

Travel Like a Local -
say what ? 

Would you like to know how it is to live in a foreign country without living there? Join us to experience the local feeling while traveling through the "green heart" of Austria. 

I specialize in small groups, (8-10 people) if you would like to travel with family, friends, management team, or if you are up to meeting strangers... it's not only the trip itinerary I will customize to your wishes, interests and hobbies, but the interactions that I will provide for you along the way. 

The biggest advantage that you have is having me on your side. I will guide you through everything and more - no worries about anything - it is all inclusive, except you will discover soo much more than only one place.


What's holding you back to contact me and let me know what you are looking for? Please use the contact me form to let me know how I can help you to make this a trip of a lifetime ... 

Local Expert Guides

A team of locals will be at my fingertips to supply me with the most unique and up-to-date information – may it be the latest concert or the best local cuisine – I will always be on top of things.

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No tour will ever be the same. All tours are customized and uniquely tailored to your interests, needs and hobbies. It depends on who you travel with and what you want to experience. Let's talk - nothing is impossible or unthinkable.

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Hidden Gem

We will show you everything you would like to see because you read about it, however there is much more that only locals know, and this is where you will experience Travel like a Local.

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Book Your Adventure. 
Spring Fling

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Book Your Adventure. 

City Walking Tour

July 8, 2023 - 11am-4pm
August 5, 2023 - 11am - 4pm
September 2, 2023 - 11am - 4pm
October 14, 2023 - 11am - 4pm

Native to Greensboro? New to Greensboro? Somewhere in between?

This is a city walking tour you do not want to miss.

Getting an overview of the history and the current situation of the "Gate City", as well as an architectural and culinary indication of what this city has to offer. AND to top all this - we will explore Ambleside Gallery behind the scenes. 

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Marion is such an awesome and fantastic tour guide. I had the pleasure of traveling to Germany and Austria with Marion several years ago.  She planned everything out, and the trip ran so smoothly.

The Robertsons

She had the routes we would be taking and what trains we would be using to get from point A to point B.  The sites we saw were everything a tourist would want to see, but we also visited areas that tourists would not see.  We saw how the locals lived and ate in restaurants where the locals ate.  All in all, it was a fabulous trip that I will never forget.  I can’t wait to do another trip with Marion.  There are still sites I would love to visit in Austria!!

Jody and Tom Larson


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