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I am your travel elf, guide, friend. My name is Marion Hofmann. I was born and raised in the South of Styria Südsteiermark in a very small village, but ventured into the big city of Graz for school and understood early on, that my passion is PEOPLE... I went to school for Hotel and Tourism and after a 9-month trial at one of the busiest ski resorts in Austria, I was hooked. I knew that my destiny lays in Tourism and Event planning. I graduated from a 3-year apprenticeship with honors and then missed the boat exploring the world instead. I moved to the States and worked in various industries and positions, always looking for the one true passion of mine. PEOPLE & TRAVEL. 

I have found that my dual living has prepared me for this journey. My advantage is not being bi-lingual, but bi-cultural. I have lived in both worlds and understand both sides. I have experience in the old and in the new world and my goal is to make you and your company most comfortable in any situation and setting - with tons of personal care and knowledge to pass on to you.

Showing you my “real home” in Austria is as much my pleasure than exploring my “new home” in Greensboro with you.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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