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This trip will take you into the 2nd largest Austrian City of Graz – with all its architectural beauty, with history reaching back to the Copper Age and its permanent settlement since the Middle Ages. This city has a young and vibrant feel coming from being a sought-after college town with 6 universities and about 44,000 students. This young and hip vibe can be felt everywhere.

Also filled with buildings, dating back to 15th and 16th century, streets that are lined with small and cozy outside cafes and restaurants, where you can sit and people watch for hours. With museums that bring you the most eclectic modern Art - Kunsthaus - or the biggest inventory of original armor from the Middle Ages. Zeughaus. You can choose between the most humble but delicious native food and renowned high-end cuisine – all after your own liking.

You can wander around a real functional castle Schloss Eggenberg with its wonderful parks and grounds or visit the Dom (Cathedral)  with the adjacent Mausoleum and take in the quietness and

solemness inside – it is up to you and your preferences. The landmark of Graz Uhrturm can be seen from all over the city, but it’s so worth going up there in the unique funicular railway Schlossbergbahn to have the most panoramic view.

This trip will also take you into the countryside – the green heart of Austria. Rolling hills with miles and miles (or kilometers as I know it) of vineyards and traditional Buschenschank (houses where the vintners live) – which are offering the hungry and thirsty souls traditional and plain fare – but with a modern twist, complimented with the very exceptional wines that are growing only in this region.

Time to relax, watch the wildlife, listen to the birds and maybe catch a fish. Time to experience being local with nowhere to go and no worries.

There is a lot to see and to do – however the size and formation of each individual group makes it easy to decide on the spot what feels good and what will make this trip unique, distinctive, and one of a kind for you – longing that this vacation wouldn’t have to end.

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