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November - - Martini Gans'l & Opera

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Dear friends,

Can you believe it? It is already NOVEMBER !! Where has this year gone? I hope you can look back at a great year filled with lots of wonderful memories and no regrets.

November is always a little somber month for me -even though the American in me is looking forward to this wonderful holiday called “Thanksgiving”, the Austrian in me starts this month with reflecting and honoring our departed loved ones. More about this in my newsletter.

If you are already thinking ahead to the new year – please consider one of my most favorite quotes:

Once a year, GO SOMEPLACE you have never BEEN BEFORE

Dalai Lama

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Servus, Marion

Your travel guide with heart

Highlights / Höhepunkt

Workshops and Art events are the “go to” events when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Styria has a huge variety of traditional and international workshops, where you can learn pretty much everything. From “making baskets” to “how to use the corn husk to make angels for Christmas” (like my Oma did), to preparing beautiful “straw stars” for the tree to baking those delicious and unique “Kekse” for Christmas. Every family has at least one “family secret recipe” and the sheer amount of variety of those baked goodness is mind boggling. Why not trying something new while you are visiting this country ? - Ask me how we can find the best fit for your interest or how to find your new passion.

Having trouble pronouncing some of these words? You can find me on Instagram at @travellikealocal_styria and listen to my Word Wednesday episodes, where I share exactly how these words are pronounced.

Did you know? Hast Du gewusst?

If you are a fan of classical music and /or operas – Graz has one of the best Opera houses in Austria. Their repertoire has a variety of genres and performances – often choreographed in a very modern and contemporary fashion. In November they are playing Don Carlo from Giuseppe Verdi and Madama Butterfly from Giacomo Puccini. There is also a “Opera Brunch” if you want to combine your 5 senses at one event. Why not looking into this and book this on your next trip to Styria?

Culture / Kultur

As mentioned in this month’s intro, November is usually a very somber month in Austria. Most everyone will be at a cemetery on November 1 to honor the departed and reflect on their lives. The graves are full with wonderful floral bouquets and candles and the vibe at the cemetery is very festive and celebratory. Friends and family come together who might not have seen each other throughout the year and stories of the family members are being exchanged. There is laughter and there is joy – however there are also the ones that are standing at a “fresh” grave side and if this is the case – that day might be hard for you. I’m one of those this year, as we just had to say “good bye” to my favorite aunt.

Culinary Specialties / Schmankerl

This month is FAMOUS for the “Martin’s Gans’l” or St. Martin’s Goose. St. Martin’s Day is November 11 and around this time restaurants offer this specialty. It’s a stuffed goose (no it is not the one that produces foie gras) but a goose that is stuffed traditionally with chestnuts and dried plums and then slow roasted in the oven (comparably to the American Turkey). The side dishes are usually red cabbage, potatoes or “bread dumplings”.

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